Hello, and thanks for visiting my site.


I am a General-class licensed amateur radio operator, otherwise known as a “ham”. My call sign is KG7ZFC. I love communication of all types. I’m interested in VHF/UHF weak signal work, digital modes, and radio repair.

I was initially licensed in the mid-1980s as KB5KHR. I got a Novice license, then a Technician. I upgraded to Advanced in 1990. During that time, I did 15m CW, 10m CW and SSB, and 440 FM. I did quite a bit of antenna experimentation, making long wires, trimming mobile CB antennas for 10m, and building a 10m vertical dipole out of copper pipe and wooden dowels. I had a Collins KWM-2A (borrowed from an Elmer) and a Radio Shack 10m mobile rig. I talked to people all over the world and had a blast. That ticket and call expired in 2000.

In 2015, I decided that I would like to experiment with radio again. So I took some online practice tests for the Technician exam and researched the new licensing structure. I discovered that I would get General exam credit since I had previously held an Advanced license. So I went to a local VE session and passed the Technician exam; I tried the Extra, too, but didn’t pass it. A little over a week later, I had my new call, KG7ZFC, with General privileges.

I speak English and Esperanto.