SDR Setup Moved to Backyard

Today I moved the SDR setup to the backyard.

For the past week, I’ve had the SDR setup (i.e. tripod, discone, box, etc.) in my side front yard for testing.  I only had a 50 foot Ethernet cable, so that was the only place I could put it. That location wasn’t secure, plus it suffered from some RFI from the computers in my shack nearby. I knew its eventual home would be in the backyard, so I moved it today.

I purchased a 100 foot weatherproof CAT 5e Ethernet cable and a coupler from Amazon. I used the coupler to extend the Ethernet cable to a total of 150 feet (50m), which is half of the maximum distance for 48VDC power-over-Ethernet. Then I moved the setup to a convenient place in the backyard, hooked it all up, and turned it on. Everything works great, and there’s less RFI.

SDR Setup in backyard.

Feel free to listen to either of the SDRs.