The SDR Pi Now Has GPS!

A few weeks ago I bought a uBlox NEO-6M GPS module from Amazon and decided to put it onto the SDR system once it was mounted outside. So today I decided to get the Pi to recognize it and give me some GPS data.

The GPS module was about $16 and comes with a little ceramic patch antenna.

The uBlox NEO-6M and antenna, sitting on my windowsill.

It has places to connect +5VDC, GND, serial in, and serial out wires. I soldered some wires to those which have female header connectors on the other end. I then plugged those into the Raspberry Pi’s +5, GND, and UART pins.

The GPS powered up, but I couldn’t get data from it. Finally, after reconfiguring the UART to 9600 baud and turning off serial console logins, I was able to get data!

A GPS reading

The display above gives all the relevant info: lat/long, elevation, time offset, and a list of visible satellites.

The SDR setup won’t really move once I set it up, but I figured that connecting the GPS would be fun (which it was) and that I could possibly use it for time correction in addition to using NTP over Ethernet. And if I do ever move the SDR setup around, I’ll always know where I am. 🙂