Fine. I’ll add Outernet, too.

I have decided to add an Outernet receiver to the SDR setup.

I was reading about Outernet last night and realized that setting it up seemed pretty easy. There’s an SDR (the RTL-SDR v.3 I have would work), a low-noise amplifier (LNA) for the 1.5GHz L-band, a patch antenna, and some software.  The software can be installed on the Raspberry PI running Raspbian (which is what I’m using), so I’ll make the SDR host PI pull double-duty.

What is Outernet? It’s basically a satellite transmission of basic Internet content. For example, they currently broadcast Wikipedia, 30,000+ ebooks, PLOS One journal articles, Khan Academy, CK12 textbooks, music from SoundCloud, and more. It’s one-way, receive-only. So you’re not asking for something and getting it; you’re just getting whatever they send you while you’re listening. So you set up a receiver and archive and get about 20MB of data every day.

More to come once I get the hardware.