Dual SDR Receiver Test

Over the past few days, I’ve ordered the adapters and cables needed to connect two SDR receivers to the antenna through a splitter.

The test setup contains the incoming antenna cable (currently connected to my 2m/440 J-pole outside), a 1-to-2 splitter, cables to connect the splitter to the two SDRs, the two SDRs, the Raspberry PI, and a power-over-Ethernet splitter and injector.

POE splitter, PI, splitter, and two SDRs

I already had the RF splitter which was previously used for cable TV; it covers 5 to 1002 MHz, so that’s fine for my use. It also drops each signal by about 3.5dB due to the split and insertion loss; this is acceptable to me for now. I bought two very strange adapter cables: F male to MCX male, and F male to SMA male; they connect to the SDRs. And the SDRs are plugged in to the PI.

This allows the SDR server to cover two 2.4MHz-wide spans between 25MHz and 1000MHz.

Coming soon: an externally-mounted discone antenna  on its own mast, with the PI mounted in a weatherproof box.